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Nedokončená 1638 
198 00 Praha 9-Kyje
tel: +420 224 316 271
e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz


Dear business partners,
Let us introduce you to KRANIMEX Ltd. and briefly inform you about the assortment of services the company offers. On the Czech and Slovak market, Kranimex Ltd. is the exclusive representative of the LIEBHERR and HEK companies in the following fields:

  • Liebherr building tower cranes
  • Liebherr concrete mixing devices
  • HEK work platforms and transport platforms

LIEBHERR Building Tower Cranes

Kranimex offers Liebherr building tower cranes for sale and for lease. The leasing of cranes is a total comprehensive package-including assembly works and service of Liebherr tower cranes.

Thanks to the wide range of systems offered the cranes high quality and reliability and applying Liebherr progressive technology, the Liebherr tower cranes satisfy requirements of each and every customer.

Offer of Liebherr tower crane systems:

Our Kranimex specialists will assist you in selecting the appropriate type and model of crane, suitable for your particular building site conditions. Contact us .

Liebherr mixing technology

As a representative of the Liebherr company in the field of concrete technology, Kranimex offers the following products:

Users of the above mentioned devices in the Czech Republic have been such companies as Zapa, Ceskomoravsky beton, TBG Betonmix, Ilbau, Holcim, Cemex, TBG Metrostav etc.

HEK work platforms and transport platforms

Kranimex is also a representative of the Dutch producer of work platforms and transport platforms, the HEK company, which has been active in the field of development and production of work and transport platforms for more than 50 years.

Kranimex offers both sale and lease of HEK devices. It concerns especially MSM Super platforms with a loading capacity of up to 4000 kg and height of up to 200 m and TPM type hoists. These devices are used for example in re-coating of objects or facade works. These transport platforms have been utilized by such companies as Metrostav or Hochtief.

We will find the optimum solution to your project – contact us.

KRANIMEX spol. s r.o. Nedokončená 1638 , 198 00 Praha 9-Kyje, tel: +420 224 316 271, e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz
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