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Nedokončená 1638 
198 00 Praha 9-Kyje
tel: +420 224 316 271
e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz


No-compromise high performance

Intelligent FR.tronic high-performance drives
Liebherr’s continuously variable high-performance drive systems mean significantly improved load handling times. Single-speed FC (frequency converter) hoist, FC slewing and FC trolley travel drives – there are units suitable for every operating task. Liebherr intelligent drive systems mean optimum operating safety and un-compromising high performance. Their low power con-sumption shows up in reduced operating costs.
New FC (frequency-converter) slewing gear
Already highly popular, the new FC slewing system sets a new performance standard in its class and permits ab-solutely jolt- and jerk-free slewing as well as extremely low “micro” speeds. Wind and load influences are auto-matically recognised and suppressed. Integrated damp-ing prevents the load from swinging and excessive vi-bration of the crane structure. Also new is the patented integral electric wind release. Precise micro-positioning of a load is achieved by the innovative FR.tronic control system, with provision for the input of suitable command settings. Wind and load influences are eliminated by suitable compensating movements
New high-performance single-speed FC hoist gear
A new Liebherr development is the high-performance single-speed FC hoist gear, supplied by a frequency converter. This new generation of hoist gear, in four ver-sions between 30 kW and 65 kW, provides an especially broad range of load and speed settings, thanks to which high handling capacities as well as higher off-load speeds can be achieved.
Only double-reeved operation is used, so that time-consuming re-reeving is eliminated.
The hoist gear, powered by Liebherr’s own motors, has continuously variable control. Among its many advan-tages are automatic load sensing, “micro-speed” move-ments, use of the entire extent of control lever travel and halting the load without the hoist gear brake engaging. A positioning mode is also available.
FC trolley travel gear
The popular Liebherr FC trolley travel gear fitted to EC-H series cranes rounds off the continuously variable drive concept. FC trolley travel gear impresses the user with its sensitive, continuously variable travel movement. Liebherr trolley systems offer an extended performance range and high travel speeds, especially under load. The rope drum has a built-in standard rope storage space for use with short jibs.

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KRANIMEX spol. s r.o. Nedokončená 1638 , 198 00 Praha 9-Kyje, tel: +420 224 316 271, e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz
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