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Nedokončená 1638 
198 00 Praha 9-Kyje
tel: +420 224 316 271
e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz

Kranimex deployed tower crane for Krásna Hôrka reconstruction

After a devastating fire that destroyed the castle Krásna Hôrka, restoration and reconstruction work began late in this autumn. During the summer, when conditions were mostly ideal, ongoing tender for contractor´s work had taken place. As the castle is located in a difficult terrain hardly approachable by any construction mechanisms, technological procedure had to take into account these factors.


Renovation work of roof structure, and the need of material supply, clearly determined the need for deployment of the tower crane. Following consultation on the appropriate tower crane, Kranimex Ltd. proposed tower crane Liebherr 40LC, which parameters meets all the criteria needed for reconstruction work, as well as the crane assembly. Given the limited space conditions do not permit the use of mobile crane for assembly, installation was carried out by MI-8 helicopter, which possessed max. load capacity of 2500 kg.


Total weight of crane Liebherr 40LC, which was conveyed by the individual components and assembled together in the courtyard of the castle, was 63,000 kg. The helicopter had to take off the parts of the crane about 30 times. Weather conditions sometimes considerably complicated situation, but the professionalism and interaction of Kranimex personnel together with the air transport company staff, eliminate risks to the minimum. Liebherr 40LC is mounted on the stationary cruciform base 3.8 x 3.8 m, with a height under hook 28.5 m and the 40m long jib.


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KRANIMEX spol. s r.o. Nedokončená 1638 , 198 00 Praha 9-Kyje, tel: +420 224 316 271, e-mail: kranimex@kranimex.cz
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