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SAKO Brno W.t.E. Plant Reconstruction Project

The SAKO W.t.E. plant was put into operation in 1984. The establishment remained in operation in a basically unchanged form until 2008 when, based on a decision of the operator, a complete renovation of the plant began in order to improve environmental and economic parameters of the operation. The SAKO company received a partial subsidy for the realization of the project from a so-called EU cohesion fund.

Within the project, two completely new lines for waste incineration will be built each of which includes a steam boiler with the steam output of 40 t/h (14 t/h of incinerated waste), semi-dry flue gas treatment method system and the clinkering and fly ash transfer system.

The incineration equipment is based on a tested system with a grate furnace and four-draft, two-drum boiler. The incineration system itself guarantees minimum losses caused by imperfect incineration and low emissions. In addition, a separate system of removing nitrogen oxides emissions will be realized based on selective non catalytic reduction and the follow-up flue-gas treatment behind the boiler using the semi-dry method based on lime slurry and activated carbon spraying in vortex gas scrubbers with the follow-up separating of solid particles in fabric filters.

The advantage of this solution is minimum energy losses and zero production of waste water. The system of clinker separation will be able to separate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and also sort fractions by size.

Using the above equipment, the SAKO W.t.E. plant will be able to use, for energy generation purposes and in an environmentally friendly manner, approx. 220,000 tonnes of municipal waste a year.

The SAKO W.t.E. plant produced only heat using the waste for the purposes of central heating supplied to the city of Brno, a significant change within the project thus will be a transition from the mono-production of heat to a combined production of heat and power with a very high degree of utilization of energy based on incinerated waste. Within the project, a new condensing bleeder turbine will be built with the output of 20 MWe which will make it possible to operate the incineration plant at the optimum output even in periods with the minimum heat extraction).

In addition to the waste-to-energy facility itself, a completely new final sorting line for separate collection will be built with the capacity of 10,000 t/year which will make it possible to use recyclable components of municipal waste in a better way.

Since the facility is, out of its major part, located in the existing structures, the reconstruction will take place under limited space arrangements and there will be a number of handling and assembly complications when installing the new technology. After having considered various manners of installation of boilers and supporting structures, the supplier of the equipment, the CNIM company, has decided to place a tower crane used for assembly purposes directly into the existing boiler building. Since the boiler building’s height is approx. 35 m and it will be necessary to transport through the roof into the boiler building all components of the supporting structure and boilers’ pressure units including the drum with the weight of 27 tonnes, in cooperation with the KRANIMEX firm, a tower crane Liebherr 630 EC-H40 Litronic has been ensured having the hook height of 59.5 m, jib of 36 m and load capacity of 18,000 kg.

The maximum load capacity of the crane is 40,000 kg up to the jib range of 18 m. The used crane is the corner stone within this otherwise exceptional manner of assembly of the whole boiler equipment through the roof of the existing boiler building. This assembly procedure using the above crane, however, will make it possible to operate the third of the original incineration plant boilers without limitations so that it may remain in non-stop operation throughout the whole construction.

Due to the complicated conditions at the construction site and the axis distance of 43 m between the tower crane and a mobile crane, it was necessary to use, in the course of the assembly, the Lieb¬herr LG 1550 mobile crane with the maximum load capacity of up to 800t and also an auxiliary mobile crane Liebherr LTM 1120/02. The above mobile cranes will be used also for the dismounting of the tower crane Liebherr 630 EC-H40 Litronic.

We would like to conclude by pointing out that the tower crane Liebherr 630 EC-H40 is the biggest crane of the Liebherr company that has ever been used on the territory of the Czech Republic.

In case you are interested in more detailed information concerning the above project, please contact Kranimex s.r.o. Prague

By: Ing. Ladislav Pazdera - CNIM
Pavel Froněk - Kranimex

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