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Kranimex,  Ltd.

Nedokončená 1638 
198 00 Praha 9-Kyje
tel: +420 224 316 271

crane leasing

Leasing of Tower Cranes

Kranimex Ltd. provides Liebherr tower crane rental service out of its own office. Currently, the office has a fleet of more than 50 tower cranes of various sizes and designs which are able to meet the requirements of all customers, even if they have atypical and exacting orders.

Kranimex provides all services consequent to tower crane leasing:

  • Consultancy and advisory activities during the process of identifying an appropriate crane model suitable for particular construction projects
  • Crane assembly and dismantling, complex tower crane service
  • Tower crane leasing, including their operation, assembly and service
  • Training services for customer's technical staff

Kranimex crane hire office offers these Liebherr tower cranes:

Kranimex, spol.s r.o. Nedokončená 1638 , 198 00 Praha 9-Kyje, tel: +420 224 316 271, e-mail:
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