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Kranimex,  Ltd.

Nedokončená 1638 
198 00 Praha 9-Kyje
tel: +420 224 316 271

Mastclimbing work platforms on the building site of the power station in Ledvice

Apart from 6 pieces of Liebherr tower cranes that were placed there by the Kranimex company in cooperation with Metrostav company, the HEK MSM Super platforms are used here as well.

Rental and assembling of this platforms is one of the Kranimex company’s activity. In this case two pieces of the platforms are used by the Hochtief company, that is building here the facade of the engine room. Platforms are 40 m high and their lenght can be adjusted up to 32 m according to the requirments of our customers.

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Kranimex, spol.s r.o. Nedokončená 1638 , 198 00 Praha 9-Kyje, tel: +420 224 316 271, e-mail:
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