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LTB, the truck-mixer conveyor

Satisfied customers all over the world.

The LTB conveyor belt is the most cost-effective solution for transporting materials such as concrete, sand, crushed stones or pebbles from the truck mixer into the building site. Transport from the concrete plant to the building site must be realised quickly and costeffectively. The supplementation of an LTB conveyor belt to the truck mixer therefore, is invaluable. This accessory is regarded by the customers as an additional service bonus.

Available versions.

Conveyor12 GL12+4 GL12+4+1 GL
Belt drum centres11,5 m15,2 m16,2 m
Discharge rate70m3/h70m3/h70m3/h
Belt speed3,5 m/s3,5 m/s3,5 m/s
Weightcca 1 980 kgcca 2 950 kgcca 3 020 kg
LTB 12+4 GL
LTB 12+4 GL
LTB 12+4 GL (4m telescope)
LTB 12+4 GL (4m telescope)
LTB 12+4+1 GL (double telescope 4m a 1m)
LTB 12+4+1 GL (double telescope 4m a 1m)

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